Reparations For Slavery: How Right Is Trump About The 14th Amendment?

By Zaqqiyah Haamidah

Donald Trump, U.S. presidential hopeful, wants to help take back control of America from the ‘illegals’ and/or undocumented immigrants. To do this, Trump seeks to repeal, overturn, or amend the Fourteenth Amendment to legally gather people who live in the U.S. under an interpretation that allows citizenship to mothers who give birth on U.S. soil.

The counter-argument of those the amendment potentially targets is that whites are the original illegal aliens in North America.

Minister Kareem AlGhani of the Lost Found Nation of Islam states that unintended consequences could result to the citizenship status of Afrodescendants if amendments are made to the Fourteen Amendment in a supposed effort to uproot Hispanics, Asians, and others in the U.S. in who gave birth to “anchor babies”.

Listen in as Minister AlGhani explains below:

The infographic below details the interpretations of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution by the U.S. Supreme Court up to the present day.

In his lecture, Minister Alghani offered a preferred outcome that could benefit both supporters of Trump and those who want to take back America.  If Trump and supporters want to amend the Fourteenth Amendment, they can do so.

But Afrodescendants who want to make Exodus out of America should be facilitated by receiving the one way transportation to the destination of their choice, along with the other line items detailed in the reparations letter (“The Blueprint: Our Plan for America and its Afrodescendants“) that was sent to U.S. President Obama, the Pope of Rome, and others.


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