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End The Afrodescendant Death Cycle With Us

Civil death is a condition of life where you have no collective cultural voice or identity to communicate what will happen to you or your people.
We are ending Afrodescendant civil-spiritual death, which has been caused and kept in place by the lingering effects of plantation slavery (racism).
We have a PERMANENT SOLUTION…starting with our programs that are designed to protect and save Black Families.


We provide training and cultural programs for self awareness, self knowledge, group economics,  food knowledge, and nation-building.

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If you are a Black/”African American”/Afrodescendant person who would like to know more about becoming a member, the time is right.

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Will you help us? Afrodescendants want FULL freedom, justice, and equality for the Black Family throughout the Americas.

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Saviour’s Day 2020: We’re looking forward to Saviour’s Day. Here’s what to expect…

We’re highly anticipating the 2020 Saviour’s Day events planned for February 21-23, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. You might want to do the same. Here’s why… Celebrated by many who live according to that Knowledge brought to the Black man, woman, and child who are Afrodescendants by Master Fard Muhammad (to Whom all praises are due) […]

What 400 Years of African-American History has to do with a land of milk and honey?

By Zaqqiyah Haamidah In a lecture entitled, “A Land Flowing With Milk and Honey”, Minister Omar Hassan of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam Houston brought modern-day understanding to this phrase known to come out of the Bible. What many may not know, however, is that the phrase has sacred and secular applications to the life […]

Attention Blacks, “African Americans”, Afrodescendants: Civil Death Explained By Honorable Silis Muhammad

CIVIL DEATH means you are in existence, but you are not known politically in the State in which you reside. As you have no identity in the world: you are rendered a stateless people, according to Sub-Commissioner, Professor Jose Bengoa. Civil death is an international (UN) term; it can be interpreted to mean that you […]

How to improve the Black condition without enduring U.S. politics (which doesn’t address what’s required for true Black freedom)

Upon realizing they need to do more to improve the Black condition, there are Black community activists and concerned Black Family members that say you should make sure you vote to let your voice be heard. Don’t get me wrong. Everyone must be productive in the society in which they live. However, participating in America’s […]

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