Shabazz Bean Pie

Shabazz Bean Pie…because it is better than sweet potato pie.

shabazz bean pie
Shabazz Bean Pie

So the Shabazz Bean Pie already tastes better than other bean pies. But, it is also healthier than a sweet potato pie–less sugar, lots of fiber.

If you’ve ever tasted the spiced, smoothness of a Bean Pie, you’re likely thinking ‘where can I get one?’ Yes. It’s a taste you grow to crave.

And if you’ve never had a Shabazz Bean Pie, well what are you waiting for?!! Become one of thousands shabazz bean pie videoof lovers of the bean pie.  You won’t regret the taste experience. The Bean Pie is one of the greatest contributions to the culinary world by Muslims in the Americas.

The bean pie is the premier dessert of Black people in the Americas. Rappers, tv shows, comedic performers, and other people have long sung the praises of the bean pie.

Even Martha Stewart has stepped up to the plate with her own rendition of the bean pie. Not even Martha Stewart can duplicate the taste of the Bean Pie. Don’t be fooled! You don’t need to search for a fake-Jake recipe. You won’t find it.

Houston Delivery Zones

So let us get a fresh, handmade Bean Pie delivered to you personally if you’re in the Houston or surrounding areas

We make’em fresh and deliver on weekends at specific drop-off points.  Send us an email to find out where the drop-off points are located near your home.

Getting fresh pies straight to you is the passion of our Shabazz Bean Pie Bakers.

That’s why we’ve created this order page. We’d like you to enjoy the delicious and nutritious goodness of a Shabazz Bean Pie.

When you pre-order your Bean Pie by Friday, we’ll get the number of pies you ordered packaged and ready to go.


Shabazz Bean Pie: $10.00 (introductory price)

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