The “Strange Fruit, A Bitter Crop” Talk Unveiled: Saviour’s Day 2024 Address

The strange fruit – a symbol of a bitter crop, rooted in the painful history of injustice and inequality in the western world and America, in particularly. As we gather for Saviour’s Day 2024, the Lost-Found Nation of Islam is thrilled to bring to light the powerful keynote address by the Honorable Silis Muhammad, a talk that will delve deep into the resonating echoes of the past and illuminate the pathways to a more just and equal future. Join us on February 25, 2024 at 2 pm Eastern for an experience that promises to be both enlightening and transformative.

The Strange Fruit, A Bitter Crop Lecture by the Honorable Silis Muhammad - Announcement

Unearthing the Roots of the Strange Fruit and Its Ominous Legacy

The title of the Honorable Silis Muhammad’s keynote address, “Strange Fruit, A Bitter Crop,” pays homage to the hauntingly evocative song that inspired its conception. “Strange Fruit” originated as a poem by Abel Meeropol and later found its voice through the unforgettable rendition by Billie Holiday in 1939. This poignant piece of art courageously depicted the horrors of racial violence, particularly the lynching of Afrodescendants, so-called African Americans, during a tumultuous period in history.

The strange fruit, hanging from southern trees, served as a gruesome metaphor for the racial atrocities faced by the fore parents of today’s Afrodescendants.

Mark Twain once referred to the United States as “The United States of Lyncherdom,” emphasizing the the strange fruit that many years of lynchings produced. The fact that this nationwide issue did not result in a proportional number of trials further highlights the systemic challenges in seeking justice for these heinous crimes.

Fast forward to today, and the song’s ominous legacy still resonates, challenging those who say they believe in freedom, justice, and equality to confront the lingering injustices of our time and work towards a future where the bitter crops of plantation slavery no longer bear fruit.

Mark Your Calendars: Livestream Details and Social Hour

For those unable to join us in person, worry not. We are excited to share that the keynote address will be livestreamed at: and muhammadspeaksnews@youtube. Tune in to witness the insightful talk as the Honorable Silis Muhammad navigates the complexities of “Strange Fruit, A Bitter Crop” and its relevance in contemporary struggles for Afrodescendant freedom, justice, and equality.

Following the keynote, we invite you to attend a social hour featuring vendors who share our dedication to positive change. Engage in conversations, explore new perspectives, and discover ways to contribute to the ongoing fight.

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Our commitment to freedom, justice, and equality extends beyond this event, and we want you to be an integral part of the reparations for plantation slavery journey. Sign up for future updates, and together, let’s amplify our impact and create a world where the strange fruit no longer casts its ominous shadow.

As the Honorable Silis Muhammad unravels the layers of “Strange Fruit, A Bitter Crop,” let us stand together in solidarity with him, learning from the past to shape a more just and equal tomorrow. Your presence and participation make a significant difference in the collective pursuit of a brighter future. Be the Change: Sign Up for Future Updates

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