Silis Muhammad

Silis Muhammad Expands Achievements in the Fight for Afrodescendant Human Rights and Reparations for Plantation Slavery

Contact: Zaqqiyah Haamidah Email: [email protected]   As the Lost-Found Nation of Islam has continued its impactful work of educating and advocating for Afrodescendant identity awareness, CEO Silis Muhammad has also advanced his long-time track record in the fight for Afrodescendant human rights and reparations for slavery. Continue reading to learn more… Houston, TX (originally posted […]

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Lost-Found Nation of Islam Training: Understanding And Making Exodus From the Old World of Confusion

By Zaqqiyah Haamidah In a lecture entitled, “Make Way For the New World”, Minister Karriem Alghani of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam provided lecture attendees with answers to the following questions: * When did the Old World expire? * What is the Old World? * Why must the Old World end? In short, the Old […]

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Why Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Important

By Zaqqiyah Haamidah Did you know that 90,000 people searched Google for “Obama Birth Certificate” last month? It appears people want to know more about the origin of U.S. President Barack Obama. You might recall back when Mr. Silis Muhammad, Chief Executive Officer of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam and All For Reparations & Emancipation […]

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