Join The Honorable Silis Muhammad at Reparations Convention 2023!

Published Tue August 15 2023
By Zaqqiyah Haamidah

Have you been eagerly waiting to hear from the Honorable Silis Muhammad, the CEO of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam (LFNOI)? Well, the wait is almost over! His voice, filled with years of commitment to human rights restoration for Afrodescendants, is about to resonate even louder. And where? At the highly anticipated National Reparations Convention 2023 in Atlanta, GA, happening on October 7-8, 2023. (See the flyer.)

Hosted by the Afrodescendant Nation Inc., this convention is more than just an event—it’s a unifying force for experts, activists, and all those passionate about reparations. And guess what? The Honorable Silis Muhammad, alongside Chief Minister Najee Muhammad of the LFNOI, will be taking the stage to share their insights and inspire action.

Reparations Convention 2023 Flyer with QR code

The Honorable Silis Muhammad’s journey towards advocating for human rights restoration has been nothing short of inspiring. Fueled by a deep belief in freedom and justice, he has worked tirelessly to shed light on the historical injustices faced by Afrodescendants. His unwavering dedication to creating a better, more equitable world has earned him respect and admiration.

At the National Reparations Convention 2023, the Honorable Silis Muhammad’s powerful voice will echo through the halls, resonating with all those ready to learn, discuss, and take a stand for reparations in 2023. This convention is all about unity—it brings together experts, panelists, and thought leaders to develop a unified demand for reparations. And let me tell you, his talk is going to be a game-changer, motivating everyone in the audience to make a difference.

Why Reparations Matter to the LFNOI

Reparations isn’t just a word; it’s a concept with deep historical roots. It acknowledges the centuries of systemic oppression, exploitation, and injustices that have affected Afrodescendants for generations. More than that, it’s a call for justice, equality, and restoring the dignity that was unjustly stripped away during plantation slavery.

The LFNOI is all about freedom, justice, and equality. We stand strong in our mission to reclaim our human rights and advocate for the rights of Afrodescendants everywhere. Reparations? They’re a perfect fit for us—a step towards righting the wrongs of the past and building a better future.

The National Reparations Convention 2023 isn’t just an event—it’s an opportunity to unite. It’s a chance for Afrodescendants to come together, share insights, and stand up for what’s right. We’ll be part of discussions, workshops, and networking sessions that delve deep into the heart of reparations and how it aligns with our mission.

What Can You Do Now?

Excited to be a part of this movement? You don’t have to wait until October! Reach out to LFNOI today and let’s start the conversation. In the short-term, you can contact us to learn more, discuss ideas, and get involved.

The real excitement happens when you join us at the convention, though.

How do you sign up? Simple—use the QR code that’s part of the flyer accompanying this article. It’s your ticket to joining the movement, making a difference, and being part of something bigger than yourself.

So, let’s take this journey together. The National Reparations Convention 2023 isn’t just a convention—it’s a platform for change. Get in touch, get ready, and let’s make history.

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