Lost-Found Nation of Islam Holds Black Holocaust Remembrance Day

By Zaqqiyah Haamidah

Have you heard?

Middle Passage slave ship diagram

The Lost-Found Nation of Islam  commemorates Black Holocaust Remembrance Day  in April.

Black Holocaust Remembrance Day, whose official date is April 1st of each year, was first commemorated by Minister Najee Muhammad of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam in Washington, D.C., to remember the first Black men and women transported to the Americas on April 1, 1555.

Why is this important?

Well, it’s because untold millions of Black people were kidnapped and transported to the Americas from Africa for the purpose of enslavement, and who many times died during the brutal Middle Passage from disease or going overboard.

It is crucial that Black, “African American”, Afrodescendant peoples remember what happened to the ancestors during plantation slavery and the Middle Passage in this day when white public opinion says “Forget” and “Let bygones be bygones”, knowing that there is an unsettled reparations for slavery debt owed.

But you can get a better understanding of Black Holocaust Remembrance Day AND what you must do today to save the Black Family here.

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