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Contact: Zaqqiyah Haamidah
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Lost-Found Nation of Islam Chief Executive Officer’s  Open Letter to the U.S. President, Congress, Joint Chief of Staff, and the Pope of Rome Drawing Support For Reparations For Slavery

 Need for Reparations for Slavery Urgent Due to Imminent Doom of America

HOUSTON (March 23, 2014) — Hundreds of people have signed Reparations Petitions (digitally and on paper) preceding an Open Letter to the U.S. President Obama, Congress, the Joint Chief of Staff, and the Pope of Rome urging America to honor its reparations obligations to Afrodescendants.

“We, the undersigned, urgently request sea-going and air-going ships or vessels and freeway, highway, bridge, and road-building materials and equipment,” said Mr. Silis Muhammad, Chief Executive Officer of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, in the letter.

Mr. Muhammad released the letter on February 23, 2014 in Atlanta during his address at the Lost-Found Nation of Islam’s Saviors Day Celebration, themed “The Blueprint”. Click here to read Mr. Muhammad’s open letter to President Obama and others. Sign the Reparations Petition here.ethnogenesis-reparationsx


“We are asking for equipment to cultivate land. We need materials and machinery with which to make clothing, shoes, and furniture and we need materials and equipment for putting in infrastructure,” the letter reads. Read the full letter to President Obama and others. Sign the Reparations Petition here.

“We want housing, apartments, and multi-story building materials and equipment. In addition, we ask for the cost of a one-way ticket to whatever islands that would accept us as full citizens. Whether the Government of America will or will not give this, we not less than 144,000 of us, are determined to leave America and live amongst our own kind.”

The Lost-Found Nation of Islam currently spearheads a growing number of initiatives to advance Afrodescendant ethnogenesis, human rights, and self-determination. The full letter can be found here. The reparations petition can be signed online here. Printed petitions can be signed at any Lost-Found Nation of Islam mosque here.


 The Lost-Found Nation of Islam is a nonprofit organization that works to claim 100% freedom, justice, and equality for Black, “African American”, Afrodescendant peoples throughout the Americas. The Lost-Found Nation of Islam/Afrodescendant Nation is a non-territorially based sovereign government of, by, and for Afrodescendants constituted on May 26, 2011. To learn more, contact us at:  or call  (832) 331-7863  .

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