How to improve the Black condition without enduring U.S. politics (which doesn’t address what’s required for true Black freedom)

Upon realizing they need to do more to improve the Black condition, there are Black community activists and concerned Black Family members that say you should make sure you vote to let your voice be heard.african-american-voting

Don’t get me wrong. Everyone must be productive in the society in which they live. However, participating in America’s political process will not address the full set of issues that are required for achieving Black freedom, justice, and equality.

You must accept that the American political process does not provide an avenue of success for you, Black man and woman. If not, you cannot help the Black Family or the Black Nation remove ourselves from the second-class citizenship status we now occupy in America at the moment.

To help you grasp this critical fact, consider the pearls of wisdom in the 3 thoughts I’m about to share with you:

Thought #1: Moses of the Bible did not encourage the Children of Israel to vote in Pharoah’s societal politics

This is important because if you do not understand that our ancestors provided guidance to help us through the wilderness of North America [symbolically Egypt] in this hour, you will engage in self-defeating and time-wasting actions, like hoping an American president can improve the plight of Black people. Black people’s story in America is the story of the Children of Israel in Egypt. Reference Genesis 15:13. Understand that and unite with self and kind.

Thought #2: Kunta Kente, depicted in the movie Roots, would not have wanted Black people to assimilate into American society and to subsequently lose our cultural identity (with names such as Toby, Mary, or Sally)

You must realize that you are a manifestation of your ancestors who wanted to be FREE. Their blood, DNA, and thoughts course through your existence at this moment. Why not accept that the drive for freedom is who you are at this moment and reclaim your cultural identity through unity? You may experience your own personal awakening by doing so.

Thought #3: Harriet Tubman would have wanted us to reclaim our identity and return to the land of our forefathers

This you must come to terms with, as you must know that Blacks have been stripped of our original culture–ways of living, praying, eating, and more during plantation slavery. These areas of life we developed on our own over thousands of years to make sense of our existence and pass it down to our children. Plantation slavery broke disrupted our innate ability to do this. As a result, we must reclaim the right, desire, and ability to do this for ourselves.

Overall, these 3 thoughts about black freedom can put real power in your decision-making as a Black activist and/or Black Family member who wants to do more to uplift our Black Nation.

But don’t forget, there’s a lot more to gaining Black freedom, especially if you want to improve the Black condition. So don’t let this article be the end of your journey, but rather the beginning of your quest for more knowledge and tools to bring it about.

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