The Significance of Saviour’s Day


Founder’s Day On the 26th day of February, Muslims from all over the United States come together to remember, uplift, celebrate and praise the name of the Almighty Saviour, the Spiritual Father, Allah, God who came in the person and divine Supreme Being of Master Fard Muhammad.

To say that the Muslims revere the person of Master Fard Muhammad would be a monumental understatement. The Muslim worships not the “form” of the Divine Man; but worships the “divine and supreme knowledge housed in the Temple of his most sublime mind.” Indeed and in fact the Muslim recognizes that Master Fard Muhammad is the truth made manifest in flesh-the Son of Man.

Three Muhammads
Master Fard Muhammad, Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Honorable Silis Muhammad

Master W. D. Fard Muhammad, to whom praises are due forever, was born on February 26, 1877 in the original homeland of the Black man, woman and child – Mecca, Arabia. The Saviour Almighty, Master Fard Muhammad, was born the son of an Elder (see Book of Revelations, Bible), a pure Black Muslim Man, Scientist and Scholar in His Knowledge, whose name was Alphonso Shabazz. Alphonso Shabazz was in the company of the twenty-four Elders, whose literacy and understanding of scripture and Allah’s Divine Plan and prophecy is singularly acute.

In the late 1800’s, this Sacred College of Scholars met to confer upon the possibility of returning, seeking and finding a lost “Branch and Tribe of the Holy God – Tribe of Shabazz (our original Tribal Name),” a people who were scattered but located where they would be strangers in a land not their own bonded slaves who would serve a time span of 400 years as the slave master’s servants (see Genesis 15:13-15).

The Elders knew that a particular person would have to go out and seek these “Children of Abraham’s seed,” that they would be, because of the effects of their oppression, hardly recognizable, infiltrated with a hard heart, stiff-necked and extraordinarily rebellious. The person who would seek these “lost sheep” would need to be totally self-sacrificing. He would place His needs secondary to the needs of these people in order that they be made “a royal priesthood and Nation” worthy to be called human-being gods ) Psalm 82:6,7).

The Elders conferred and resolved to save and to resurrect this lost Nation and to fulfill Abraham’s prayer that His seed would be made an obedient Nation.

Upon the birth of this Son, Fard, in Mecca, Arabia, He was born as any other human being child, but from the moment of His ability to record wisdom and instruction, He was taught the collective knowledge of the College of Elders who retain the sum total of the knowledge and experienced learning of Man since the beginning of time. They individually imparted their knowledge to Him although individually they do not share their Wisdom with each other, This, in a statement, would be what would make Master Fard Muhammad the Greatest God or Allah (see the Holy Qu’ran, 22:6) of all before Him, that He received the total knowledge of all the Elders collectively. He is Supreme and Chief in Knowledge even over those who taught Him, and no one shall ever equal Him. He was born in Mecca also because Mecca was a better environment to raise a Man than other places on Earth due to the “Sharia,” the Muslim code of law in effect in that city.

A special time came for Him, after reading about us as a people and our tribulations, to seek and save that which was lost. Around 1911, He entered into the United States. In the early 1930s, the Saviour went to Detroit, Michigan where He became widely known as “Prophet Fard.”

To say that Master Fard Muhammad is important to the New World Muslim and the Holy Nation of Islam would be terribly disrespectful. Important, Ha? He is the Muslim’s life and Existence. Without the coming of Master Fard Muhammad to the shores of this misfit, derelict and misbegotten land; the land of every foul and unclean spirit (mind); the land of oppression and bondage; the land guilty of Diaspora of Native Afro-Asian Black men, women and children – the Muslims say boldly: “every human being in North America would not be alive at this time.” The Muslim recognizes that it is He, Master Fard Muhammad, the Spiritual Father, who held back the destruction of the playground of the Devil in order that every willing Black son and daughter might see the Promised Land and escape from the impending doom of the modern day fulfillment of what the Bible and Qu’ran describe as “Egypt.” Master Fard Muhammad taught that America is Egypt’s Sodom and Gomorrah, the “mystery” Babylon, and the habitation of devils and evils in disguise. Master Fard Muhammad said it and the Muslim stands on it, righteously.


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