Black Professionals: What Can You Do To Improve The Black Community?

What if the Black community could somehow be transformed? What if poor health, educational underachievement, legal/incarceration, underemployment, and poverty could suddenly be non-issues for you or your family members? It could probably mean the difference between life and death in some cases, or the difference between a life lacking fulfillment and one of happiness. In […]

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The Quality of Life of Blacks, “African Americans”, Afrodescendants

Statistics show that so-called African American slave descendants, or Afrodescendants, continue to live a poor quality of life–even now some 100+ years after the Emancipation Proclamation’s signing. To be exact, Afrodescendants continue to experience problems in: Healthcare Education Employment Wealth ownership Legal problems/incarceration and Racism If you are like most concerned Afrodescendants, you’d be interested to know that […]

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