Black Professionals: What Can You Do To Improve The Black Community?

african-american-businessmanWhat if the Black community could somehow be transformed? What if poor health, educational underachievement, legal/incarceration, underemployment, and poverty could suddenly be non-issues for you or your family members? It could probably mean the difference between life and death in some cases, or the difference between a life lacking fulfillment and one of happiness.

In this revealing interview, Minister Karriem Al-Ghani of Lost-Found Nation of Islam-Houston proposes solutions to improve the likelihood that Black people can indeed live a better quality of life. Click Here to Listen To FREE MP3

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The Quality of Life of Blacks, “African Americans”, Afrodescendants

Statistics show tblack-african-american-civil-deathhat so-called African American slave descendants, or Afrodescendants, continue to live a poor quality of life–even now some 100+ years after the Emancipation Proclamation’s signing.

To be exact, Afrodescendants continue to experience problems in:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Wealth ownership
  • Legal problems/incarceration and
  • Racism

If you are like most concerned Afrodescendants, you’d be interested to know that Silis Muhammad, CEO of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, identified a lack of human rights (civil death) as the reason that we Afrodescendants experience problems in these categories.

But how do we Afrodescendants resurrect ourselves from civil death?  Answer:  Blacks, “African Americans”, Afrodescendants must first recognize ourselves as a people in need of human rights and resurrection.

Note: Resurrection involves recognizing/repairing the cultural damage caused by the lingering effects of plantation slavery and ongoing racism against Blacks, “African Americans”, Afrodescendants, and employing economic, social, political and other means for restoring our nation to a self-determining state.

If you’d like to learn what you must do now to reverse civil death and the lingering effects of plantation slavery (racism), find out how to save the Black Family here.

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