Eat Less, Live Longer

“Eat one good meal of food a day for good health. One meal a day or every two days could spell the end of much medicine, doctor bills, and the building of hospitals if we would eat the proper food and eat it only when it is necesary to eat it.”

Source: Honorable Elijah Muhammad, How To Eat To Live-Book 2

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Are Blacks/African Americans the Chosen of God?

by Zaqqiyah Haamidah

Many Black/African American radio shows in Houston discuss issues of importance to our community. In calling in to these radio shows, listeners frequently ask, “What is the agenda for Blacks in the U.S.?” Maybe you’ve even heard such questions yourself.

During yesterday’s lecture, Blacks/”African Americans”: The Chosen People of God, Minister Karriem Al-Ghani  invited listeners to explore the human rights agenda put forth by CEO of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, Silis Muhammad, for the past 30+ years, wherein a reparations for slavery demand was made in the United Nations.

Minister Al-Ghani then highlighted scriptural proof of Blacks/”African Americans” as Chosen People by pointing out proof that our ancestors did “serve” and were “afflicted” in America for 400+ years in the TransAtlantic Slave Trade, as indicated in the Bible.

No other people can truthfully prove such claims.

What do you think about the topic? Post a comment below.

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Black Professionals: What Can You Do To Improve The Black Community?

african-american-businessmanWhat if the Black community could somehow be transformed? What if poor health, educational underachievement, legal/incarceration, underemployment, and poverty could suddenly be non-issues for you or your family members? It could probably mean the difference between life and death in some cases, or the difference between a life lacking fulfillment and one of happiness.

In this revealing interview, Minister Karriem Al-Ghani of Lost-Found Nation of Islam-Houston proposes solutions to improve the likelihood that Black people can indeed live a better quality of life. Click Here to Listen To FREE MP3

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