What are the effects of ’Good Hair/Bad Hair’ Talk On So-Called African American Children?

by Zaqqiyah Haamidah

Today Minister Karriem Al-Ghani answered this question during his second talk in the Black History Month/Black Holocaust Commemoration lecture series.

Minister Al-Ghani began by recalling his life as a young boy hearing women in his family speak to their daughters about their hair.

The conversation went something like, ‘Girl, sit still and let me do something with your nappy hair’.  Although it is not said outright to them, Minister Al-Ghani stated that girls get a negative feeling about their hair and appearance from their mothers.

A study conducted by social scientist and educator, Kenneth Clark, in the 1940s was referenced. In the study, Black children were asked to choose the prettier doll between Caucasian and Black dolls.  The children unanimously chose Caucasian dolls as better.

Minister Al-Ghani stated that through their experiences, children learn how to think about themselves. Negative messages from American society linger from plantation slavery (Willie Lynch Syndrome); however, reinforcement in home settings also perpetuates the negative self-image some Black people hold of themselves.

Minister Al-Ghani stated that unless “African Americans” learn how Black people came upon their physical appearance, we will continue to suffer from negative self-images.

When Master Fard Muhammad (who brought “African Americans” the knowledge of themselves) found “African American” people here in North America, we were a disheveled people mentally, physically and spiritually.

It took the help of Messenger Elijah Muhammad (peace by upon him), and now the guidance of Silis Muhammad, to administer solutions that reverse negative self-image and other problems that plague Black people as a result of the lingering effects of plantation slavery.

Join us next Sunday when Minister Karriem Al-Ghani delivers his next talk at one of Houston’s premier Black events.

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Why Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Important

By Zaqqiyah Haamidah

Did you know that 90,000 people searched Google for “Obama Birth Certificate” last month? It appears people want to know more about the origin of U.S. President Barack Obama.obama-family-name

You might recall back when Mr. Silis Muhammad, Chief Executive Officer of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam and All For Reparations & Emancipation (a nongovernmental organization in consultative status with the United Nations), alerted the Black Family that something was out of kilter about Obama’s heritage when Obama took office.

Well, Minister Karriem Al-Ghani continued the lecture, “But Not My Throne,” to explain why Pharaoh (representative of America’s rulership) would want to place a non-slave descendant in line for presidency.

When you read Genesis 37, you will note that Pharaoh’s government is in dire straits economically when Joseph takes office, just like America’s economy is in dire straits in these times of record unemployment rates for so-called African Americans, crashing stock markets and industry bubbles a bursting.

The Bible foretells that Pharaoh’s government is destined to fall apart.

Pharaoh’s advisors were on-hand to help solve the government’s problems. Pharaoh summoned the incarcerated Joseph to interpret dreams for him instead. Minister Al-Ghani highlighted that for Pharaoh to take a member of the servant class out of prison to do what the professional advisors couldn’t do, Pharaoh had to be desperate.

So why would Pharaoh have Obama as president instead of a so-called African American slave descendant (Afrodescendant) as the Bible foretells?

As reminded by Minister Al-Ghani, the Nation of Islam began when Master Fard Muhammad (To Whom All Praise is Due), the son of a Black man and a white woman came to America in 1930 to fulfill the role of Almighty Allah. He raised up the Last Messenger of Allah, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (peace be upon him) from the ex-slave population. Master Fard Muhammad had the nature of two peoples within Him. Yet, He showed compassion for America’s ex-slave population.

Although Obama’s birth certificate would show that he is not a slave descendant, he reigns over present-day Egypt (America). Obama’s father was Black and his mother white. He embodies the nature of white and Original Man; however, he is most compassionate to the needs of America.

If you believe that the Bible is a prophetic book, do you think that tinkering with prophecy is a good or bad thing? You can get help understanding the prophecies in the Bible and Holy Quran, especially as relates to the Black Family here.

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By Zaqqiyah Haamidah

Silis Muhammad, Chief Executive Officer of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, published a Muhammad Speaks Newspaper centerfold article entitled, “But Not My Throne” in 1988. Mr. Muhammad spoke on bible-obamathe similarities between the Joseph who took ownership of Egypt in the Bible (Genesis 37) and presidential hopeful Jesse Jackson in that article; however, he more pointedly identified U.S. President Barack Obama as fitting the scriptural Joseph of late.

Minister Karriem Al-Ghani delivered his Sunday lecture, “But Not My Throne”, as an offshoot of Mr. Muhammad’s insights to further explain the similarities between U.S. President Obama and Joseph in the Bible.

He explained that although a Black man sits as U.S. president, a Black man cannot sit on the ‘throne’ of whites. The fact was clearly verified during the recent elections where Black Democratic radio commercials documented the unprecedented level of disrespect that has been shown towards U.S. President Obama.

Minister Al-Ghani summarized that while their labor is used to build America, so-called African Americans had no part in forming this country and, most times, they serve only as figure-heads in the running of America’s governmental affairs.

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